Queen B and her Prince!

Dear fans,

It’s a colt! Beholder welcomed her first foal, a bay colt by Uncle Mo, on January 23rd in the late evening. Both mare and foal are doing great and Queen B has taken to motherhood like the champ she is. They spent the first week in our foaling barn but have now graduated to their permanent home in one of our beautiful mare and foal barns. We hope you enjoy this video of Beholder and her foal!

Check back next month for more updates on Queen B and her Prince!


Spendthrift Team

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  1. So happy for Queen B! I had a wonderful visit with her before she left Santa Anita to be a mommy.
    Bless B and baby B ????

  2. What a cutie, and look at those legs!! Thanks for posting all these pictures and video, I have been waiting to see the little man!

  3. Wow, what a cutie! Thank you for having this website. I get to keep tabs on
    one of my all time favorite race horses.

  4. So glad all is well with her and her son!thank you for giving me a chancd to see and watch both of them!God Bless!!!

  5. Oh Beholder,

    Congratulations on the birth of your outstanding colt by Uncle Mo!! I hope he has your kind and dear personality. He certainly has the looks of both of his parent. LOVE the name Mo to Behold!!!!

    Teach him well, dear Girl,
    xoxo to YOU,
    Mary in Boone

  6. He is the cutest little guy! ALL LEGS ???? Thank you so much for allowing us to continue to follow Queen B.!

  7. Everyone at Spendthrift must be super excited about BEHOLDER’s foal by UNCLE MO!!!
    He looks to be everything any owner/breeder could hope for & more! Of course he’s bay, as all MO’s are, unless gray and looks so much like MO!
    I’ll quote your own news, “We’ve got a runner!”
    Yes, you do!!!

  8. Beautiful video of Queen B and her Prince
    I had the pleasure of meeting her shortly before she left Santa Anita to come to Kentucky
    It was so nice to see her doing well. He is a beautiful foal. Love seeing him run. I am looking forward to watching the Prince become a King

  9. My beautiful Beholder. Look what you’ve gone and produced. After watching nearly every race you’ve run in so heartfully, this scene was my best future fantasy for you. How could it be anything else because whatever you do, you put your heart into it.

  10. SO happy to see Queen B’s little boy. He is just adorable, and she continues to do all things so well. Thanks SO much for the photos and the video. Can’t wait for the next installment, please give her and Goldencents a hug fro me ????????

  11. Hes gonna be our 2021 Triple Crown Winner – Send him to Richard Mandella and he’ll get him there.
    Suggest Name Prince BeMo

  12. Dear Beholder,

    Here is another name that salutes you, Uncle Mo, and the Secretariat heart through Terlingua.

    Behold Mo Red Heart

    Mo Red Heart to Behold

    Don’t know if you like either of those but I love you, Empress Beholder, and I can hardly wait to see your son race.

    xoxo to you, Dear Girl,
    Mary in Boone

  13. Dear Spendthrift,

    Would you please consider a Beholder t-shirt with Gary’s quote on it? Thank you for being so very kind to me when I visited Our Empress Beholder. She is such a nice and gracious host to those who come to pay homage!!!! xoxo to Beholder, Team Beholder, and Spendthrift, Mary in Boone

  14. They sure don’t come much cuter than this little fellow. Congratulations Beholder on your beautiful colt.
    You are an great Mom for keeping track of this little runner. What a spitfire.
    Thank you so much for the photos and the video.

  15. Prince of Thunder
    Because when those long legs run you are going to hear the thunder under his hoofs and the roar of the crowd. He will be a sight to see with those powerful long legs.

  16. Prince of Peace
    Because when those long legs run you are going to hear the thunder under his hoofs and the roar of the crowd. He will be a sight to see with those powerful long legs. And crowds will gasp in awwwww

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