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Dear Fans,

It’s been raining for weeks here in the Bluegrass but we are finally seeing some sunshine! With that said, Beholder and Prince B have greatly enjoyed their time rolling around in the mud. The duo have officially been upgraded and moved to their large paddock with a buddy, Coup de Coeur. In the photos you will find a few of her (the grey mare) and her new foal, a colt by Spendthrift Sire, Brody’s Cause! Their days consist of 8 or more hours outside with their new paddock mates and inside the barn all night. Prince B has grown quickly and developed his own unique personality. Paul, our assistant broodmare manager and resident peppermint-giver (he is in the photos below), says Prince B is “fearless, brave…he runs around the field as though he’s asking everyone ‘you’ve heard of me, right?’ He owns the place.”

Also, a HUGE thank you to everyone who submitted a name for Prince B’s naming competition! We have had an overwhelming amount of submissions and are going through all of them. We will have updates on the contest soon. For now, enjoy the photos and we will post again soon!

The Spendthrift Team


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  1. He is the cutest…and she looks like motherhood is serving her well…keep the pics and videos coming….we love them her at Del Mar!!!

  2. I really enjoyed the updates & pics of beautiful Beholder & her adorable prince B. Looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Really appreciate this website and being able to see this brilliant, champion mare settle into her second career! Thank you for all the updates!

  4. I’m huge fan of Beholder as well as Uncle Mo. Looking forward to watching this little one grow up. He is so adorable. It sounds like he is already showing that ‘championship’ bloodline.

  5. What a big guy he is! Love seeing the photos of all of them. Looks like a Champion in the making ????

  6. Just a pleasure to see both of them thriving. Such a huge Beholder fan – this
    Is simply the “iceing on the cake “ Thanks and keep the photos coming.

  7. Thanks for the pictures I just pray these foals get good owners when they go to sale and that they are always loved

  8. Beholder looks like she watches over him as he is roaming about. She appears to be a good mother. Little Mo is a cutie pie who has an adventuresome spirit. Has Papa Mandela met him yet? I am sure Queen B would love to show him off to him. Wishing health and happiness to both Dams and foals. I really enjoy seeing the posts, thanks so much for sharing them with us.

  9. Thank you for sharing Queen B and her beautiful son Prince B. I looking forward to his official name ????
    Hugs and kisses to both of them.

  10. Thank you for sharing all of th photos. Really enjoy watching the little one grow up and, of course, all of them are beautiful.

  11. Empress Beholder, you look stunning whether draped in your Breeders’ Cup garland or in mud!!! I know you love that sunshine on your withers. Our Prince B is such a handsome, precocious, and dear colt. You are taking excellent care of him!
    xoxo to you, Prince B, your paddock mates, Team Beholder, and Team Spendthrift,
    Mary in Boone

  12. BEHOLDER’s MO colt, I think, is one of 2018’s most exciting foals!!! All of the MO’s are brave and fearless! From the 1st video everyone could see he had a huge stride! I bet he can really cover some ground now! Lol keep up Mama, look how fast I am!!!

  13. I know he will make mom and dad proud in the years to come. Live long and prosper little guy.

  14. To think I’m in the running of naming a champion is the most exciting thing to me. Fingers crossed (toes too)

  15. Beholder and her colt are truly a gift to all of us who loved her at the races. Thank you so much for sharing her new life and the little guy is just too, too cute.

  16. I wish you all the best from him. Beholder is one of my all time favorite race mares. I hope she lives a long and production life–May all her progeny be winners!

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