Prince B Has a Name!

Dear Fans,

The Prince officially has a name! A HUGE thank you to everyone who submitted; there were over 4,000 submissions and it has taken us some time to narrow down our favorite.

Our panel of judges have spoken and the official name is: Q B One

The winner will receive: Spendthrift Swag and an opportunity to meet Beholder! Congratulations! (The winner has been notified via email)

Why Q B One?

There were a few thoughts behind why we believe this name is the perfect fit. First reason is the obvious: it stands for “Queen B’s One (first foal)”. Second, the less obvious but important reason relates to football. In football, the starting quarter back is referred to as “QB1” – they carry the team and are considered one of the most well-known positions in all of sports (think Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, etc.). We are excited and have big dreams for this colt.

Again, thank you to everyone who participated. Stay tuned for more updates on Queen B and Q B One! In the meantime, catch Bolt d’Oro, future Spendthrift Stallion, running in the Santa Anita Derby next Saturday (4/7/2018) as he competes against budding rival, McKinzie.



Team Spendthrift





18 Responses

  1. He has a lot of”presence” love those ears, they look big now &light colored lucky boy, & he will be treated like the prince he is.

  2. Love his name, so fitting.thank you for the pictures and updates.we so miss you mama beholder.

  3. Wow out of all those names. He deserved better. To let people know without pp’s in front of them who his dad and mom are.

    MOandBehold was so fitting. I wish the colt a huge future but the name was an injustice.

  4. Love the new name. Congratulations to the member of QB’s Nation who had the clever idea!!!!
    Take care, ALL,
    Mary in Boone

  5. Congratulations to the winner. QB 1 is a great looking colt. Thank you for the update on Queen Beholder and her first colt.

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