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Dear Fans,


We are thrilled to announce Beholder is having a Curlin filly coming Spring of 2019. In honor of this exciting moment, all pink Beholder hats in the Spendthrift Shop are %15 off through Monday with the code QUEENB


P.S. new and exciting Beholder apparel will be arriving in the store just in time for the Keeneland October Meet – stay tuned!



Team Spendthrift


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  1. What a spectacular reveal ❣️ Congratulations Beholder and Curlin, now girls like the best things so it may be a little expensive but she will repay you as she grows up. ???????? I hope Beholder gets to spend some quality time with her before she is bred again. I think the baby’s do so much better in the long run.

    1. Mares are normally bred on a nine day foal heat. Keep in mind not all mares come in at 9 days. Babies normally aren’t weaned till 4 to 6 months. And stay with their moms

  2. Congratulations Queen B!!!????❤ Will always remember your sweet kisses and now you’ll have a little Princess to nuzzle with!

  3. Congratulations on the very best exciting news that a future Princess ???? B will be arriving in spring. Love being sent to mama Queen B and Princess B

  4. Thank you for the pictures & letting us know it’s a girl. I am so excited. Praying for a healthy pregnancy & easy delivery. I love t hhe Queen & she looks great!

  5. Congratulations! the Queen is having a Princess. . Blessings to her pregnancy & delivery. Beholder looks beautiful as always ???? I shall visit her one day ????

    Also excited for the new apparel! Hope there’s a Beholder varsity tee in the future ;). I already got my Beholder ladies tee. Fit pretty big for a small but I love it so much i kept it.

  6. I’m late to the party…… but happy to read this news about our brilliant Beholder. She was a force on the racetrack. Just love her. Hope all goes well and we will see a princess in 2019.

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