Q B One Update

Hello fans!


Happy (early) Thanksgiving, we hope you spend the weekend with your family and friends!


With Breeders’ Cup in the rearview, we are ready to hunker down on the farm and prepare for winter – we’ve already had our first snow! We have officially finished our Beholder tours for the year in preparation for her Curlin filly.


Q B One has reached another milestone and has now moved to the yearling division. At Spendthrift, we move our weanlings to the yearling barns around the second/third week of November and they will remain there until they’re sold or sent to Florida for breaking and training. They stay with the same group of horses they’ve been with since they were born – they’re just in a new barn! In addition, we separate fillies and colts at this time. Many farms will do this in February or March but we believe it is easier on the horses to make one big move throughout the year instead of two. We do this so we can prepare the foaling barns for the next foaling season. Mares will be moved to their foaling barns at about the same time. Fun fact: Q B One is in a paddock with Greer Lynn 18 (full sibling to Mia Mischief) & Beholder is in a paddock with Greer Lynn!


Enjoy the holidays and stay warm!


We are adding a new Beholder 11×14 print that will be available for purchase on 11/23 at midnight! There are only 100 available.


Also, stay on the lookout for an email on Friday with all of the Holiday Deals in The Spendthrift Shop – you won’t want to miss it.





Team Spendthrift



We want to hear from YOU! Let us know in the comments below what your Thanksgiving plans are!





  • Travis Lober says:

    I love you guys. Mark Toothaker is an Army buddy of mine. I’d like to draw some of your horses. Big fan out in Arizona

  • Sandy says:

    Thanks for the update! Hope we get more pictures of QB 1 (a view from the front would be nice ????). Very best wishes to Queen B’s jockey, Gary Stevens, on his retirement. Maybe he can come for a visit ❤️

  • Sandi zarzycki says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Team Spendthrift!
    Since I either go to work or go riding, I decided to stay home and do nothing on Thanksgiving day! I was recently in Kentucky for the Dressage Nationals. I bought a box of bourbon balls by Woodford reserve. They’re on the menu

  • Mary McLeod says:

    This is not the first time I have asked for a Queen B tshirt with Gary’s quote on it. Given the fact he has had to retire for medical reasons, the time is right. I see a perfect photo op with Beholder & Gary standing together with the shirt!!!
    Blessings to ALL at Thanksgiving,

  • Marianne Malczewski says:

    Happy to hear that QB1 has graduated to the yearling barn & is doing well! Also, glad to hear that Beholder is doing well too! Having Thanksgiving with my family at my sisters house. Wishing everyone at Spendthrift a happy & safe Thanksgiving, including all of the horses too! ????❤️

  • Thank you team spendthrift. Your so giving with information & I so enjoy hearing about how the horses are moved. I think your way of moving them only once does work out better. I know I am a novice about these things, but your way makes so much sense to me. Can’t wait for beautiful Beholder’s filly, & QB1 is sure growing up fast. Everyone looks great. Thank you again!

  • Delrene from Carlsbad, Ca says:

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to all at Spendthrift. Thank you for this update. Queen Beholder loves marvelous. and the foal/yearling is so very handsome

  • Kimberley Johnston says:

    TVG and turkey! Then Friday live racing at Turf Paradise. Please give Queen B a hug and peppermint for me.

  • Lori Stein says:

    He looks so much like Uncle Mo. love his highlights in his mane. He’s beautiful!

  • Jodi says:

    Hoping all the best for them both for the coming new year, and that Santa is good to both. QB 1 is really maturing into a handsome boy.

  • Karen Lawrence says:

    Thank you so much for keeping us posted on Beholder and QB One. I really enjoyed our visit with Beholder. Your farm is beautiful and we appreciate being able to visit the stallions also.

  • SannyAvaig says:

    Make a more new posts please 🙂

  • Roseann Cherasaro says:

    Thank you for all the updates on Beholder and QB1 and hey Merry Christmas to you all!

  • Corrie says:

    Can you post some updates and pictures of Beholder please? I’m in withdrawal…

  • Never Ever Forget “Beholding to None” taking the overland route & srteaching, Diving to the wore. ♡☆♡
    I saw QUEEN B at Del Mar up close in the sadling area, post parade … i was in awe .. i couldn’t take my eyes off her to lift my cam

  • BEHOLDER – WOW! … standing tall like a queen along the wall , looking over everything with her ear cotton in … Gary Stevens & Beholer vs The Princess Songbird & Mike Smith was on the rail …

    Simply the BEST !♡ i see that rac

    … that streach run was Breathtaking.
    The Look RM gave his wife was Fab!


  • I will Buy the Tee Shirt of BEHOLDER
    with Gary Stevens Quote on it.
    Is it the image of the Wire Win ?.

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