Old Friends

Gary Stevens and Beholder at Spendthrift Farm in 2019 | Photo by Autry Graham

“It’s like I’m driving a Mac truck with the speed of a Porsche and the brain of a rocket scientist” – Gary Stevens

We think Beholder recognizes her old friend!

Gary Stevens and his daughter with Beholder
Gary Stevens stopped by Spendthrift to catch up with Beholder!


  • Mary McLeod says:

    Best race I have ever seen in person was Breeders’ Cup when Beholder and Gary beat Songbird and Mike!!!! Beholder was happy to see her dear friend and his baby. Thank you for sharing this, Spendthrift. Would still love a t shirt with Gary’s description of the Empress!!!! xoxo to ALL, Mary in Boone

  • Brenda says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment of Beholder with her second main man. It was caught perfectly too on camera. Props to the person that took them 👊

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