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My how time has flown!


Q B One has already grown an independent spirit and is ready to create a herd of his own with other foals his age, meaning he will be weaned soon. This is a foal’s version of “graduation”. With this change, Q B One will go from being called a “foal” to now being called a “weanling”. This is an exciting time of year for our farm team; at Spendthrift Farm we wean our foals at about 5 months of age because by this time the foal’s digestive tract have matured and can handle a solid diet.


When we wean, we move two mares at a time (beginning with the mothers of the oldest foals) and transfer them to the other side of the farm, out of sight and earshot of one another. The foals will stay in the same setting where they have grown up and feel comfortable, continuing their normal routine. Throughout the process we will move a pair of mares every few days until we have one mare remaining who has been selected for her temperament. This mare is considered a “babysitter” for the group of weanlings and will remain with them for several weeks. This is a time-tested method that works well to minimize stress and ensure a smooth transition through the weaning process. Our goal is to make this process as comfortable as possible for both mare and foal.


We are excited for this new phase in Q B One’s life!


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Enjoy a few new photos of Beholder & Q B One below!


Future Stallion Update: Bolt d’Oro is headed to the Runhappy Met Mile at Belmont Park (run on Belmont Stakes Day) & Free Drop Billy is headed to the Belmont Stakes, running against Triple Crown hopeful, Justify. Good luck to all connections!





– Team Spendthrift



  • Pamela says:

    Thank-you for the update. I believe these interactive sites are beneficial to promoting Goodwill in the racing industry.

  • Jane says:

    Wow, time flies! I like your method on weaning!

  • Lori Stein says:

    Good luck for a smooth transition for Beholder and Q B One! This time always makes me a little sad, but it’s nice to hear an explanation of the process. Looking forward to hearing any updates on Beholder’s breeding plans for the year! I got my Beholder cap to wear to my first ever BC Friday ❤️

  • Denise Woerly says:

    When you start separating the mares, how do you help them to adjust to leaving their babies behind? How long before you will start to breed the mares again?

    • Autry Graham says:


      We put them in a herd with the mares they have been with since they foaled and after a day or so they feel very comfortable. We breed the mares back anywhere from a month – three months after they foal. Thanks! -Autry, Spendthrift Farm

  • Sounds like a very gentle transition though they may not realize it. Love the babysitter method also. Thanks for the pics and the knowledge you give us. I would be in Heaven as a caretaker of these mom’s and babes. Thanks for the peeking in opportunities!! Oh yes, especially for the Future Stallion updating!

  • Gretchen Caister says:

    Congratulations, Wayne on such a successful breeding program. I hope one day to get out your way to see all of the beautiful horses that you have in your barn. Good Luck and Best Wishes from and old employee at PS…

  • Jodi says:

    QB One is getting to be a big boy, wishing the very best for him and Beholder.

  • Marla says:

    I love your weaning process! Sounds like a great way to keep the stress down!

  • Celeste says:

    Thank you for the update and photos plus the explanation of the weaning practices there. It sounds like a less painful transition for both moms and babies. I am grateful you are sharing the life of Beholder with all of us. Thanks!

  • Delrene Sims says:

    Thank you for this interesting update. Appreciate all the information. A very busy time for the farm. Love the photos.

  • REbecca Sawyer says:

    Who is the father of her baby??

  • Debbie West says:

    Do you know if QB one will go to Richard Mandella for training? He is such a good trainer and was so good with Beholder.

  • Terri Bey says:

    I love the weaning process. Thanks for keeping us fans informed.

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