Breeders’ Cup Weekend

Happy Breeders’ Cup Weekend!

Can you believe it has been 3 YEARS since Beholder’s epic battle down the final stretch with Songbird? We definitely can’t. We are reminiscing on that history-making moment & hair-raising race call today.


Team Spendthrift


  • Dr. Robert R. Smale says:

    One of the most exciting Breeder’s Cup races ever!! What a finish. Beholder was simply brilliant.
    Photo of that finish hangs proudly in my house. What an amazing race. Both horses and riders (Stevens & Smith) giving everything they had. Simply awesome!

  • Margaret Wright says:

    Talk about heart-pounding! I was very happy for Beholder and Spendthrift. I love both of these beautiful and courageous mares, and I have really enjoyed watching their babies grow up.
    This race is in my Top 10 favorites – so fun!

  • Brenda says:

    Watching the replay makes my heart beat fast just like it did 3 years ago watching it live on my laptop at home.
    Beholder won like the total Queen that she is! 💜💛 Love her!

  • Judith Van Doren says:

    Thanks for sending this email with this wonderful race video. I watched it with joy, Am archiving this so I can replay.

  • Sandi Zarzycki says:

    I’m visiting Beholder this Saturday!!

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